Fine essential oils

The essences from the citrus fruits of Calabria, fine essential oils

Arturo Sabatini – essenze d’autore

Some of the more popular fruits that produce essential oils include: bergamot, lemon, orange and tangerine.

From the best plants of the Calabrian area, from the best fruits, we produce and distribute precious essential oils all over the world.

Essenze Arturo Sabatini Reggio Calabria

Calabria is universally known because the soil and microclimate produce excellent citrus fruits, and in particular Bergamot.

Bergamot is called ‘green gold’ for its properties which make it a basic element for the pharmaceutical and perfume industries. But also and above all for the contribution to the economy of an area of the Province of Reggio Calabria which extends from Villa San Giovanni, the extreme tip of the boot, to Locride up to Monasterace.